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Henfield, West Sussex, England



HART (Henfield Area Response Team) was set up in January 2004 to tackle cardiac emergencies in the Henfield community.  

As an independent charity it supports the Sussex Ambulance Service in providing volunteer trained responders for emergency calls in Henfield that are life-threatening - or potentially life-threatening.

Responders attend 999 calls at the request of the ambulance service and provide care prior to the arrival of the ambulance.

These local responders have the training to use defibrillators that can restart a heart before the brain is irreversibly damaged.

The emergency response time in the Henfield area is reduced from 20 minutes to, in many cases, less than five minutes. 

  • Currently we have 9 qualified responders in Henfield who are unpaid and provide their time, training, and travel costs free.

  • Each defibrillator and kit costs around ?,000.

  • There are 49 defibrillators in Henfield - 17 of them in public access areas.

  • Responders each have a defibrillator when they are on duty.

  • All defibrillators in Henfield have been paid for by public donations.

We thank you for your continuing support.

David Fletcher

Paramedic / Coordinator



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